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New Creation is a project started in 1983 which offers free education to the children from surrounding villages from the poorest families while creating a link between the overall project of Auroville and the people of these villages. It is located in Tamil-Nadu, south-east of India, 10 kilometers north of Pondicherry, the former French counter that has kept an important cultural heritage (French district, high school and French alliance, culture and French language …)

New Creation project was initiated by a need to help families, rural, very poor, to support them in the development of their lives, their village, and their country. In 1983 it began with a nursery and a primary school offering free education to these children. But the conditions of the villages (sanitary, environmental but also emotional) being always very difficult, the founder of the Project, André Tardeil wanted to offer more, by welcoming these children in an environment protected from aggression and external violence.


Thus, little by little, over the years, a boarding school was created, welcoming at first a dozen children, to welcome today about fifty. New Creation is at the service of the villages, it is the families who decide to come to entrust us with their children and they can, freely, when their condition improves, come to take them again at any time. There are no admission criteria we just respond to a need, a request, with the goal of the welfare and happiness of these children, taking care of them, the best he has given us to do .

Some stay with us for a few months, others for a few years, but many spend all their childhood here, and we accompany them for 4 years until they are ready to take flight (our older ones are 21 years old and go to university).


In order to best match our vision of an upbringing and happy child development, in accordance with the values of free progress, and alternative education, we have our own primary school, or a Thirty of our children go, as well as fifteen from the outside. Our older children (over 12 yo) go to different colleges and high schools outside.

Our school is inspired by the free progress of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, and we also use Montessori-style teaching tools to help us in the development of children. Also, art is one of the priorities to allow the child to discover the outside world and express himself.


When we can, and that the sponsors are sufficient, we try to send some of our children to the French school of Pondicherry. French being a very developed language in the region, and promising for the future (culture as French companies are more and more present), we try to promote it within our school also where some speak French very well. Many have gone to study at the Lycée Français and have already gone to France (A choir for unecso and touring France, studies or work in France …)

In order to help the villagers, we also have a nursery, where 50 toddlers (under 3 years old) come to spend the days while the parents work, offering them a calm, clean, colorful and loving environment to let them grow in the best conditions.



Today we are hosting 45 children from difficult backgrounds (single-parent families, or absent, in extreme poverty or social / health difficulties) and who find here a place of peace, harmony and joy, where they can play to grow, to learn and to flourish in conditions much more serene and pleasant than life in the villages could offer them. The link with the families is not broken so far, they can visit them every Sunday and children visit their family (sometimes quite distant (uncle, cousin, grandmother)) twice a year and certain occasions ( weddings).

Everything is free, unconditional, for everyone, and we try to do our best to accommodate and care for all these children in order to relieve those families while allowing the child to grow and flourish, and we hope to offer him a better future.


We have 2 nannies (or “ama” (mother) here) who look after our children and their daily needs (breakfast, hygiene, living space), 4 teachers for the school and 4 for the nursery, as well as help for cooking and cleaning, a total of  14 people every day, not counting the volunteers who intervene in the education of our children (theater, dance, art, science …).

To finance the whole, we run a guest-house (accommodation in a logic of cottage) for visitors to Auroville and Pondicherry. Most are just passing through and enjoy the serenity of the place, but some are interested in the project and what we do and support, bringing food, clothes, school materials or toys for the children, or spending time with them. Them.


The needs and costs are high, and the guest-house just allows us to cover the daily expenses. We are looking for additional help to continue to develop the project and improve quality of life for these children.

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