Getting Involved

There is 2 ways to get involved and to help us, by volunteering or by supporting our project.


Volunteering : 

Come and share your knowledge, skills, joy and love with our children.

We are open to volunteers of all background and experience levels, we just ask you to have a good heart and a good will.

We are looking for smiling and lovely people for sharing with our children, specially about arts (singing, dancing,  music, painting or sports activities) or even for helping them learning and studying.

To know more about volunteering in Auroville please check :


Supporting :

Our guest House incomes are just enough to cover the food fees  for everyone and all the salaries, that’s why your help is very important to be able to send our children to the high chool, to maintain our buildings or to improve.

Your donation, whether large or small, makes a difference.



To know more about what is possible to do, just write to us :





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