How to come to new creation? What is the road, address, public transport


New Creation Guesthouse
Near Kuilapalayam
Auroville – 605101
Tamil Nadu



From Chennai (Madras):
Auroville is 150 Km south of Chennai and 8 Km north of Puducherry (Pondicherry). There are two possibilities for reaching Auroville:

1) By taxi. This is the simplest means – it will take ~ 3 hours to reach Auroville (from Chennai):
– A taxi from Chennai airport would cost Rs. 3,500 or more. Taxi drivers from Chennai would take extra time to find any location in Auroville. We strongly advise to book a taxi from Auroville. This is a very reliable service. They know the location of all the Auroville Communities, and it costs only ~ Rs. 2,700.
You can also ask us to do the booking for you.

2) By bus. This is cheaper but more complicated – it will take ~4.5 hours (from Chennai):
– From Chennai Airport, take a taxi or an auto rickshaw (3 wheeler) to Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus (Rs.300-400)
– Take a bus for Pondicherry. Ask for an express bus along East Coast Road or through Tindivanam (the last one is slightly faster), and go to the main bus stop (~100 Rs.)
– Take a taxi or an auto rickshaw from the bus stop to Auroville (~ Rs.300).

….enjoy the ride 🙂


We are located next to Kuilapalayam, just before Tanto Restaurant.