About us

New Creation have been started by Andre T. and his wife Marie Babu in 1981 when they get the land, to start a New Project of Auroville to create a bridge beetwen Auroville and the villages arround ..


They started with bamboo huts as school and staff quarter..


Then slowly slowly it have been built to become a beautifull project, hosting around 45 children who are living with us all the time, providing education in our primary school for about 50 children and taking care of about 60 children in our pre school (creche)  to provide a safe, clean and beautiful place for the children of surrounding villages.



We are now having a team of about 20 people to take care of about 45 children :

2 “Mother” or “ama” are watching after our children night time / Morning time.

4 teachers for the primary school

2 French teacher to teach french and arts.

4 Volunteers, teaching maths, arts, sports or Indian Dance to our children.

4 teachers in the pre school (Creche) to take care of small children from the village.

5 Cleaning and cooking ladies.




First Introduction Movie shooted in 2006




Last Introduction Movie – 2018